50/50 Draws

Please adhere to the following when conducting all 50/50 draws. For additional information or clarification please contact the CRMHA Gaming Coordinator.


  • Absolutely no 50/50 ticket sales or draws are to take place without first obtaining a license.  Here is our 50/50 license for the 2019/20 season.
  • All 50/50 draws held at Strathcona Gardens fall under the CRMHA Blanket 50/50 license that we have for the season.
  • If a 50/50 draw is going to be held at a different location, a separate license needs to be applied for. This could take up to 2 weeks. Info required: Location, Date and Time of Event.
  • The 50/50 license will be obtained by the Gaming Coordinator. To make a gaming license request please contact the CRMHA Gaming Coordinator.
  • The 50/50 license must be posted at the location of the 50/50 during the gaming event.
  • Minors (under age 19) are prohibited from engaging in gaming events. Minors are not permitted to sell tickets, buy tickets or draw tickets.


  • Commercially pre-printed tickets (Bearer tickets) must be used for all 50/50 draws.
  • One part of the ticket is retained by the purchaser, the other by the seller.
  • Tickets will be priced at 10 for $5.00 - no exceptions.
  • You must use different color tickets for each draw occurring on the same day.

Selling Tickets

  • Minors are not permitted to sell tickets, advertise 50/50s or participate in sales transactions in any way.
  • Tickets must be sold and drawn on the same day at a single location.
  • Before starting to sell tickets, record the first ticket number on the 50/50 reconciliation sheet.
  • Tickets must be sold sequentially.
  • The person/people responsible for the operation of the 50/50 draw are not permitted to purchase tickets.

 Drawing & Reconciliation

  • You must draw tickets at the time specified on the license. 
  • Draw is to be done in the last 15 minutes of the 3rd period or as posted during tournament weekends.
  • Ensure each sold ticket forms part of the draw.
  • Draw the ticket in a public place.
  • Immediately before the draw the counterfoils must be mixed thoroughly in a random manner.
  • The person responsible for selecting winning counterfoils must:
    • Not own a ticket in the draw
    • Not wear jewelry or clothing on the arm reaching into the container. The arm must be bare from the elbow to the hand.
    • Not be able to see the printed information on counterfoils in the container
  • Draw out one ticket.
  • Fill in the 50/50 reconciliation sheet.
  • Staple both halves (ticket and counterfoil) of the winning ticket to the reconciliation sheet.
  • Write on the reconciliation sheet the winners full name, address and telephone number.  Have winner sign reconciliation sheet. - no exceptions; this must be done!
  • Pay the winner half of the total cash.
  • Seal the other half of the cash and the reconciliation sheet in an envelope labeled with the date and time of the draw and your division/ team name. The reconciliation sheet must be retained for gaming records.
  • 50/50 tickets do not need to be kept (with exception of the winning tickets)
  • Please return all sold tickets, reconciliation sheet, and cash to the CRMHA Office.

 Unclaimed Prize

  • Ticket buyers must be present to claim their prize. If a ticket holder is not present to claim the prize during the draw, additional ticket stubs or counterfoils must be drawn until the prize can be awarded.
  • Allow sufficient time for the winner of the first ticket drawn to be located prior to drawing any additional counterfoils.


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